Apply for RJ

Want to be a part of World Radio FM Network Team?

Are you a regular admirer of World Radio Fm?

Are you an obsessive collector of music with respect to a specific genre you love?

Do you know enough about your favorite genre to have your ears, and not the pop culture, tell you what's good and what's bad?

Do you enjoy letting other people discover the music you love?

Have you ever thought about running your own internet radio channel or show, but just aren't sure how or don't have the time or resources for it all?

Do you have basic understanding of PCs, Internet, and digital file conversion?

Are you an easy going person and people find you easy to work with?

Do you agree that if you would ever become popular, your fans should not be "worshipping" you for it?

Would you want to volunteer your time to be part of the World Radio Fm Network team and spread the music you love?

If all of the above answers are YES, then we are interested to hear from you about your passion! is becoming one of the most popular net radio destinations today thanks to the unique people behind it (and of course the listeners!). We'd like to offer people a multitude of music genres and we are always on the lookout for talented people. You do not need some form of a musical education degree to be such a person - you just need that sixth sense for your music passion.

If you like what we do here, have a passion for a genre of music, and are up to managing a new channel or your own radio show for World Radio Fm Network, then please contact us. (This does NOT apply to you if most of your collection is of poor quality (meaning not originals, or just downloaded mp3s), or if your collection is under 20 hours of content).

For the select individuals who are interested, please email Karim Teli at the email listed below. In your email please provide what you would want to do, what kind if that applies, and what makes you qualified in your opinion.


Thank you for reading this.


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